your path to ai revolution

ai courses

ai 101 – Introductory
What is AI?
Building AI Projects
AI Use Cases
AI and Society

ai 102 – Introduction to Python
Python Basics
Python Lists
Functions and Packages

ai 201 – Supervised Machine Learning
What is Machine Learning?
Linear Regression with Multiple Features
Classification – Logistic Regression
AI and Society

ai 202 – Intermediate Python
Dictionaries and Pandas
Logic, Control Flow and Filtering

ai 301 – Intermediate Machine Learning
Neural Network Intuition
Neural Network Training
Apply Machine Learning
Decision Trees

ai 302 – Data Manipulation with Pandas
Transforming Dataframes
Aggregating Dataframes
Slicing and Indexing Dataframes
Creating and Visualizing Dataframes

Blockchain courses

Blockchain 101 – Introductory
Blockchain Defined
Ethereum Blockchain
Algorithms & Techniques
Trust Essentials

100 Courses – Low Code / No Code
200 Courses – Intermediate
300 Courses – Advanced

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